Can Dry Rot Spread From House to House?

Your house is in good condition, and you maintain it well. Still, the home next door has seen better days, and you’re concerned it might have mold that may come to you. But can dry rot spread from house to house? Fungus is tricky, and it grows fast! Find out if dry rot can move from your neighbors’ homes to yours here.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a species of fungus that grows in wood exposed to moisture. The wood around your home that stays damp may develop dry rot once airborne spores land on it and start germinating. A combination of water and humidity increases the chances of it forming.

Signs of Dry Rot

Many homes have some or a great deal of dry rot somewhere inside their structures. Some places to check are the basement and bathrooms. When dry rot develops, the first thing you might notice is a strange odor. Check exposed wood for soft spots, growths, shriveling areas, and gray or red spore dust.

How Dry Rot Spreads

Once wood becomes infested with dry rot, you can’t wash it away. You must remove the affected area and replace it. Dry rot can spread quickly throughout a home and destroy its foundation and structure.

In addition to spreading around your home, it can spread from house to house. When homes are near each other, they may share all sorts of things. Just as it moves through your home, dry rot spreads through organic materials like wood and soil. So, if your home is close to one that doesn’t receive proper care, it could fall victim to dry rot issues.

Preventing Dry Rot

Moisture is dry rot’s best friend. To prevent mold from forming in and around your home, don’t allow water to pool—especially near wood! Use gutters to redirect rainwater away from your house and seal your home so that moisture can’t get inside.

Since dry rot can spread from house to house, you must keep your property protected. If you live next to other homes, you shouldn’t rely on the neighbors to prevent fungus and mold. Remember that you can’t clean dry rot to remove it. Hire a wood siding repair contractor in Portland to ensure you get every inch of dry rot out of your home. Let Sister Siding help you detect if there’s dry rot in your home.