Siding Contractors in Dayton, OR

Dayton, OR, is a small river town situated in the evergreens between Portland and Salem. It’s known as a quiet place to live complete with parks and hometown restaurants. Residents enjoy the community vibe and find most of what they need locally. It’s a great spot to find inexpensive real estate and raise a family in the gorgeous state of Oregon.

Like any town, the neighborhoods in Dayton are as nice as the homes they host. If yours has seen better days, start sprucing it up when you make repairs that will last. Trust siding contractors in Dayton, OR, to help maintain your home. Sister Siding hires skilled and experienced contractors for siding repair and installation. Weather and time can take a toll on the appearance of your house, but our services can make it look like new.

Severe weather in the northwest can cause all sorts of damage to your roofing and siding. Wind and constant rain are your worst enemies if you have wood siding or any damage. It’s essential to make exterior repairs as soon as possible before they become larger problems.

Hire a company you can trust when you work with Sister Siding. Our professional siding contractors in Dayton, OR, have years of experience and are highly trained to handle multiple issues such as dry rot, roofing repair, and window installation. Don’t shop around for multiple contractors to repair your home when our company can provide everything you need.

Protect your home when you make exterior repairs. Contact Sister Siding to uncover why our services are right for you. Our team of professionals provides top-notch customer service and a stress-free experience from the moment you call. You can talk to our contractors about our portfolio of work and who we’ve worked with in the past. Contact us to learn about our five-year labor warranty and financing options today.