Does Mold From Dry Rot Affect Your Health?

Most homes have mold. But does mold from dry rot affect your health? When so many people encounter it and so few cases emerge, it’s hard to find a direct correlation between health and mold. Still, you should take dry rot seriously. Find out how it can affect you and what to do about it.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is the most nefarious type of wood rot. It develops on moist wood, typically when the wood has been damp for an extended period. This type of rot spreads and causes wood to crack and crumble. The rot ruins the durability of the wood, as it eats away at it and leaves discolored patches, spores, and other growths.

How Mold Affects Your Health

Though mold is unsightly and smelly, it doesn’t pose a health risk for most people. Mold doesn’t produce toxic chemicals. While some hypersensitive individuals may experience a reaction when exposed, most people won’t have breathing or neurological issues from living in a home with mold.

Risks Associated With Mold

The real risks associated with dry rot are structural. This type of mold dries out wooden structures that fortify your house, causing them to split and crack. You may notice squishy or brittle materials in your bathroom, basement, or attic. Your foot could fall through, or you may get a leak. Further, dry rot is an indication that parts of your home have poor ventilation. This is bad for people with asthma or other breathing conditions.

Ways To Prevent Dry Rot

It’s difficult to clean dry rot because you can’t wash it away. Instead, you must remove the affected areas and replace them. Doing this also helps prevent rot from developing in the first place. Treat leaks quickly and install fans to dissolve moisture.

If you think you have dry rot in your home, you should trust professionals to clean it up. Sister Siding is a Portland siding company that specializes in dry rot removal. The question of whether mold from dry rot affects your health is ultimately something to ask your doctor. If you think you’re struggling with a condition related to mold, speak with a medical professional.