How Re-Siding Your Home Can Attract More Buyers

If you can’t sell your home quickly, you shouldn’t try to sell it at all. If no one is lining up to check out your property, it may be a sign that it needs an upgrade. Find out how re-siding your home can attract more buyers and help you get your home on and off the market as soon as possible.

Make a Good First Impression

Boost your home’s curb appeal when you install all new siding. You want your house to impress homebuyers in the listing photos and from the moment they pull into the driveway. Many people decide they want to buy a house based on its appearance. Don’t allow people to overlook yours because your siding has seen better days. It’s worth the return on investment to re-side your home so you can get more money from the sale.

Increase Energy-Efficiency Features

Promoting cost-saving features to homebuyers is an excellent way to make your home marketable. Choose quality siding for your home repair to ensure your house isn’t losing energy. The most common siding materials available are vinyl, wood composite, and fiber-cement HardiePlank. Each is durable and comes in various colors and styles. While vinyl is the most cost-effective option, HardiePlank comes with a 30-year warranty.

Inspect your siding before putting your house on the market to decide whether you need to remodel. Signs you should replace your siding include:

  • Rising energy costs
  • Holes
  • Mold
  • Cracked panels
  • Loose panels

Add Value to Your Home

A well-maintained home adds value to your property and your neighborhood. If your house has seen better days, consider remodeling to get more money from the sale. Re-siding the entire house is essential if you plan to sell. Patchwork siding may indicate to potential buyers that your home requires a lot of maintenance, which will turn them away.

Ensure your home looks its best when you invest in re-siding. Before you list your house or get it appraised, consider upgrading your siding to get more money from the sale. Agents and realtors know all about how re-siding your home can attract more buyers. Talk to locals and professionals; hire a Portland siding replacement company to guarantee your home has the best siding possible. Contact Sister Siding today to learn more about our services.