Portland Siding Repair

Sister Siding Co. is proud to be a Portland siding repair company that’s home to experts who will help you keep your siding in peak condition. Siding is a protective layer for your home—it protects your home’s structure from wind, rain, the sun, and the freezing cold. While modern siding is made to last, at a point, repairing or replacing it will be necessary.  

When you need to replace or repair your siding, it will let you know! Taking a good look at your house will allow you to see any signs that it needs to be replaced or repaired. Some of these signs include chips, cracks, or dents. These are common signs on vinyl siding. These become weak spots that let water get underneath your siding and can eventually lead to more serious problems. Other common issues on older vinyl siding are bubbles and blisters. These usually occur during the summer when water can get trapped under your siding and evaporate. If you have wood siding, another sign to look out for is dry rot. Dry rot occurs when water gets under the siding, leading to mold growth and causing the siding to rot from the inside out.  

If you notice any of these signs in your siding, it’s time to get it repaired or replaced. For the best Portland siding repair and installation, Sister Siding Co. is your trusted source. We utilize the best wood and hardiplank materials to repair your wood siding or remove your vinyl siding and replace it with a better, more reliable option. We always recommend replacing your vinyl siding to ensure that you encounter fewer issues in the long run. We’ll help you determine the best course of action and maintain your home’s aesthetic. Call today to keep your siding in top condition and your home looking as beautiful as ever with help from our Portland siding repairs and installation team. 

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