Roofing Contractors in Portland, OR

Roof protection in the northwest is vital given the elements that we endure. At Sister Siding Co. our roofing contractors in Portland, OR, offer an unmatched roofing installation and repair service that will not only save you money now but will also save you money for years to come. Our roofs are built to last through the demanding weather we see in the Portland area. In addition to the quality of our finished product, we take pride in the meticulous nature of our prep work. By using advanced technologies, we start by taking satellite measures upon consultation. This allows us to get measurements within a centimeter so we can accurately and efficiently give our customers a proposal with no guesswork involved. From there, our trained professionals walk you through our options as we offer the industry’s top brands of roofing materials to choose from so you feel confident in your new roof. Our clients trust the top brands we offer because each of them comes with the best warranties. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we guarantee our work with a 5-year labor warranty as well. If you’re looking for Portland roofers, give Sister Siding Co. a call and ask about our roof installation and repair services today. Our team of roofing contractors in Portland, OR, will provide you with an honest and upfront estimate for your roof replacement needs.

Roofing Services in Portland, OR, offered at Sister Siding Co. 

  • Composite shingles
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  • Dry rot repair
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