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How To Find A Good Siding Contractor And Prepare For A Siding Installation

Table of Contents How To Find A Good Siding Contractor And Prepare For A Siding Installation Choosing A Siding Contractor What Is Your Knowledge On Siding? Are You Licensed/Insured in My State? Do Your Estimates Include All Costs? What Are the Warranties? How Long Will the Project Take? How Do You Remove Waste? Siding Preparation Process Prep the Exterior of Your House for Siding Installation Clear Your Yard Make an Outlet Available Move [...]

By |June 7, 2022|

Is It Better To Repair Or To Fully Replace Your Siding?

Table of Contents Is It Better To Have A Siding Repair Or To Get A Full Siding Replacement? To Repair Or To Replace Siding Signs You Should Fully Replace Your Siding The Benefits of Siding Improvements You’ll Save Money Prevent Further Damage Maintain Energy Efficiency Improve the Appearance of Your Home & Increase Property Value How To Navigate Your Siding Repair Or Replacement How To Know if Your Insurance Will Cover New Siding [...]

By |May 23, 2022|

Siding Repairs: When To DIY vs When To Hire Professionals

Table of Contents Siding Repairs: When To DIY vs When To Hire Professionals Siding Issues Vinyl Siding Wood Siding Aluminum Siding Steel Siding Fiber Cement Siding Negative Effects of Putting Off Siding Repairs Increased Energy Bills Reduced Curb Appeal and Home Value Increased Maintenance Costs Routine House Maintenance Inspect Your Siding Why Siding Gaps Happen Materials Required for Siding Repair Repairing Gaps in Vinyl Siding Slide Your Current Panels Install New Siding Panels [...]

By |May 17, 2022|

Top 12 Reasons To Replace Your Front Door

Table of Contents Top 12 Reasons To Replace Your Front Door You Have Doors That Don’t Lock Your Door Is Difficult To Open There Are Gaps Between the Door and Frame Front Door Damage To Have A Better Looking Door To Match Your Door To Your Siding Safety Upgrade To Lower Energy Bills Boost Curb Appeal To Make Your Home Accessible Durability Types of Front Doors Types of Door Materials Wood Wood Composite [...]

By |May 9, 2022|

Siding In Oregon; Dry Rot vs Wet Rot

Wood rot can form and spread through your home like wildfire. Your property may experience two types of wood rot: dry rot and wet rot. The key differences between dry rot and wet rot are how and where they form. Find out how to identify each type as well as how to treat and prevent this unsightly and damaging toxin.

By |March 28, 2022|

Choosing Between Siding, Windows, And Contractors

When the exterior of your home needs a makeover, it can be challenging to know where to begin. You may be in need of some new siding and new windows. Is it better to replace your windows or siding first? If you want to make a decision by cost, you may be thinking, “siding installations are expensive, maybe I’ll just update the windows.” If you have a big house with a lot of windows, replacing the siding might actually be cheaper. Regardless of cost, there is usually an order of operations. However, knowing which elements to replace first isn’t the only factor — figuring out who to hire for the job is just as important.

By |March 28, 2022|
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