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Vertical Siding VS Horizontal Siding & Their Common Issues

If you run into any issues with siding damage, need a new siding installation or repair, want vertical or horizontal siding, and are located around the Portland metro area in Oregon, our professionals at Sister Siding are experts at siding repair in the Pacific Northwest and will perform proper, long lasting installations. 

By |August 30, 2022|

Which Siding Material is Best? (Vinyl, Wood Or Fiber Cement) Do They Need Corner Boards?

Siding protects your home from unwanted pests and weather damage, while also being the main factor to maintaining year round insulation. There are a variety of siding materials, but the top three used by homeowners are vinyl, wood, and fiber cement. We gathered some of the main facts for these three types, so you can make the best decision for which one to use on your home.

By |August 16, 2022|

13 Home Exterior Trends From 2022

It’s no secret that making a house into the “home of your dreams” is an ongoing process, especially for first time homeowners who just moved in. There are so many ideas and designs that can be brought to life. The exterior of a home is a good place to begin. Not only does updating the exterior boost a home’s curb appeal, but it will also make coming home that much more enjoyable.

By |July 13, 2022|

Energy Efficient Home Improvement Ideas

Energy efficiency and home protection can work hand in hand with improving the look of your home. The number of home improvement projects that need to be done on a home can be cut down to a manageable size when a house is properly maintained - but, whether your home has been properly maintained or you want to start maintaining it going forward, there are a number of ways to cut back on energy costs.

By |July 5, 2022|

How To Find A Good Siding Contractor And Prepare For A Siding Installation

Regular home maintenance is a good way to figure out when your siding needs an upgrade. Whether it’s siding repair or a complete siding replacement, it’s important to not only hire a professional crew, but also to be ready for installation by preparation.

By |June 7, 2022|
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