Dry Rot Siding Repair

Sister Siding Co.’s team of experts is here to help keep your beautiful home in peak condition. We specialize in dry rot siding repair. Our team will help you protect your home from severe damage due to dry rot and keep your siding and home looking beautiful.

Dry rot is a serious form of fungal decay that attacks the timber in buildings. It digests the parts of the timber that gives it its strength, which can potentially cause severe structural damage. If dry rot is not identified and treated immediately, you may have to remove all of the affected timber. This would cause more than just your siding to be replaced. We understand that you want to protect your home as best as possible and want to avoid dry rot—this is why our team of siding dry rot repair experts will keep your home safe and beautiful.

Wondering how to spot dry rot in your siding? We’ve got a short list of signs to look for, so you’ll know when to call Sister Siding Co. Look out for a damp or musty smell, deep cracks in the timber grain, brittle timber, timber that crumbles in your hand, concentrated patches of orange-brown spore dust, grey strands on timber, and fruiting bodies that look like large mushrooms. If you notice any of these things in your siding, call Sister Siding Co. as quickly as possible, so we can ensure that your home does not receive more damage than necessary.

Sister Siding Co. is here to ensure that your home and siding are not severely affected by dry rot. Our team of dry rot siding repair experts will help you protect your home. Plus, we will help you determine the full extent of a dry rot outbreak. Once we identify the extent of the issue, we will remove the affected areas and repair the siding to ensure that your home looks just as beautiful as before but will remain structurally sound and safe for you and your family.

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