Residential Siding for Your Home

Siding should protect, secure, and add value to your home. If it isn’t doing those three things, Sister Siding can help.

Sister Siding is committed to providing supportive customer service and unmatched, professional siding installations. We evaluate every project to recommend the best solution for long-lasting siding repair or replacement needs. A home’s siding life expectancy depends on the care, climate, and age of the siding. Pacific Northwest locals know that wind, and rain moisture, is a common problem in the Portland Metro areas.  However, not everyone understands the long lasting damage that water, pests, and storm damage can have on house siding, especially when left untreated. When you come to us with siding needs, our siding experts will assess your home’s siding condition to accurately offer the siding repair or installation service that is necessary to fully restore your home.

Siding Installation, Replacement & Repair

Sister Siding repairs, replaces, and installs new siding using fiber cement for a durable and easily maintainable solution.

Easy to clean

Pest resistant

Sound isolation

Prevents cracking

Lasts 40+ years

Fire resistant

Fiber Cement Siding

Vinyl Siding

Our Siding Installation Process

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Siding Replacement & Repair

What are some examples of siding damage that Sister Siding can fix?

Dry rot occurs in poorly ventilated spots on siding where excess humidity can cause decay in a home.

Wet rot occurs when moisture gets trapped for a long period of time and begins to erode its surroundings.

Siding gaps are caused for a variety of reasons including weather, pests and birds.

Similar to gaps, siding cracks can occur from weather damage, or simply just from being old. It’s good to get cracks fixed as soon as possible, when cracks are left for moisture to set in, the damage can become much more severe.

Insulation isn’t just important for keeping warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, but also to conserve energy costs.

Siding water damage can cause an array of problems for homeowners, it’s best not to wait on getting water damage fixed as soon as possible.

Warped siding happens when low quality siding gets too much sun exposure and excessive heat, typically during the summer months.

Need To Update Your Siding?

Benefits of New Siding

Why should you update or repair your siding?

  • Energy efficiency; updating and repairing siding helps keep energy costs low by keeping hot and cold air in your home instead of escaping through damaged or old siding.
  • Exterior home improvement; new and improved siding updates the look of your home giving it a nicer curb appeal.
  • Boost home value; your home is most valuable when it is most updated and protected from external elements.
  • Less required maintenance; staying on top of your siding needs will reduce the amount of maintenance it needs.

Siding Projects Completed

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Top 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Siding

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