Is Hardie Board Siding Right for Your Home?

How many ways can you protect your home? From insurance to fire detectors, a house needs many things to keep it safe. But is Hardie board siding right for your home? This modern material is an investment, but is it worth your money? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Hardie Board?

Made of fiber cement, Hardie board siding is the top material used to side houses in the US. Developed by James Hardie, fiber cement is a composite mixture comprised of water, sand, and cellulose wood fibers. The finished product is designed to mimic wood and you can mold it into any pattern. Pieces of fiber cement siding are known as HardiePlank.

The Benefits of HardiePlank

One of the main reasons people love HardiePlank is because it’s durable. Unlike vinyl or aluminum, it can withstand the elements. Also, it’s resistant to pests and fire, so it’ll protect your home longer. Hardie board comes with a 30-year warranty. The boards are engineered to withstand the climate in your area and will look good for years to come. They come in a range of colors, and you can paint them, too.

Challenges With HardiePlank

Anything worth having comes with some challenges. The most difficult part about working with Hardie board is installing it. The process takes more time, and it increases the labor cost. Though maintenance on HardiePlank is low, it may still fade if your home faces exposure to direct sunlight. You may need to paint it every 15 years.

Trying to figure out whether Hardie board siding is right for your home is simple. It’s the number one choice for most homeowners because it’s long lasting and comes with a good warranty. Work with professionals who know how to install Hardie board. Sister Siding is your premier Portland siding installation company. Contact us today about our HardiePlank options.