Is Sheathing Needed for Your Home?

More materials mean more money. The more pieces that go into your siding installation, the higher the price. If your contractor is recommending new insulation materials, you may wonder whether sheathing is needed for your home. Keep reading to find out what it is and why it’s essential.

What Is Sheathing?

All homes contain sheathing. It’s the material that forms the base of your home and protects the inside from wind and water. Contractors attach other elements of your home for a seamless design.

Types of Sheathing

Depending on your home construction project, you may or may not need sheathing. Typically, existing walls don’t require additional material unless you’re adding siding that requires it. There are different types of sheathing, and each has a different purpose.

Structural Sheathing

Structural sheathing is made of planks of wood that connect to studs. It forms the frame of your home. It’s often made of plywood and comes in different thicknesses, so you can build sturdier constructions. Though structural sheathing doesn’t have insulation, it’s essential if you want your home to stay standing.

Non-Structural Sheathing

Although non-structural sheathing doesn’t provide support, it is designed to provide insulation. Large sheets of insulation may be needed to secure siding panels. The insulation can be made of foam, plastic, or cellulose fiber. You don’t want siding to ruin your structural sheathing, so an extra layer is often necessary.

Provide Insulation

The main purpose of siding sheathing is to provide insulation for your home. Even structural sheathing gives you some insulation since it prevents natural elements from getting inside. You can find insulation sheathing in different materials and thicknesses. Choosing one recommended by the manufacturer is the best way to go.

Follow Local Codes

You may have to use sheathing if your local regulations require it. Non-structural sheathing is flammable, so contractors must install it correctly. Manufacturers often include instructions on how to handle sheathing.

All homes need some type of sheathing. It gives your home structure or insulation and allows you to attach features such as siding. If sheathing is needed for your home remodeling project, your manufacturer will include it with the guide. Contact Sister Siding to work with an experienced local Portland siding company.