When it comes to designing the exterior appearance of your home, there are many factors that come into play in order to determine whether your home is deemed drab or chic. In the neighborhood, the well-designed home can stand out as a bastion of exterior design fashion and earn your family a stunning reputation when it comes to aesthetics. There are various different design elements to be considered in the exterior design of a Portland home, which includes siding. There were many different notable 2020 siding trends that homeowners and renters alike utilized in order to give their home a more pleasing appearance to the eye.


Eco-Friendly Siding
There is much to be said for the use of siding materials that are environmentally sustainable. There are many different ways that siding can earn a reputation of sustainability. One way is that the siding can be composed of recycled or recyclable materials such as recycle grade plastics. Another way that you can ensure that your siding is environmentally friendly is opting for natural material siding options like wood, which degrade faster once they are disposed of. A Portland siding contractor can help you to make the proper purchase decision for your eco-friendly siding uses and also assist in installing the product.


High-Contrast Colors
Installing siding in Portland, Oregon, for your home is essential in order to reduce the likelihood of wet inclement weather entering the infrastructure of the house. While the environmental sustainability of your siding materials is important, it is also important that your siding look absolutely wonderful. One design element that is pleasing to the eye is that of color and shade contrast. A home that is painted a light color and then is accented with dark color siding stands out as a beacon of fashion in the neighborhood. This gives the home a markedly contemporary and artistic appearance.


Bright Color Siding for Portland
This is a 2020 siding trend that is not for the faint of heart. Should you have a lot of gall in your interior design and appreciate contemporary artistic touches, you may choose to install brightly colored siding onto the exterior of your house. This will bring an uplifted and pleasant mood to all who come across the side of the house. Siding installation like this should be done by a trained professional since itis imperative that brightly colored siding is installed carefully and in completely straight lines.


Overall, this year 2020 has seen a few notable trends in the installation of siding for the home. Eco-friendly solutions for siding have become more and more imperative for the modern sustainably minded homeowner. Additionally, there have been design trends in siding like high contrast siding and brightly colored siding. It is best to stand out for your commendable aesthetic flare when it comes to designing the exterior of your Portland home. Employ the services of a talented siding installation company like Sister Siding Co. and let your creativity soar with these 2020 siding trends.