If you own a home that you are residing in, or renting out, and it was built prior to 1978, it is very likely that it was painted with paints containing lead. Lead is a dangerous element that can cause serious health problems for anyone who becomes exposed to it. Breathing the dust from this paint, or touching the chips from it, could mean a potential danger. Property owners who may be renting their property to others are responsible for any remodeling or repainting of rented property. Renters should report any suspicion of lead to the owner. Removing lead from any premises should only be done by professionals.

Hiring a lead safe certified contractor in Portland is the best way to properly remove lead paint. They are trained to use all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone present, and they properly dispose of all old paint that they remove as well as the cleaning cloths and other supplies they use. They prepare a safe environment before starting the job, and they have proper safety equipment that assures a well-ventilated working environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that any contractor or anyone in his employ who does renovations to a structure built before 1978 be trained and certified in the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting.

Lead paint removal in Portland has been an ongoing project due to the many historic homes and buildings in the area. Finding a lead safe certified contractor is just a phone call away. Anyone who does the work of disturbing paints that are lead based in homes, schools, and childcare facilities built prior to 1978 must be certified. This ensures the safety of the people residing nearby. Anyone interested in becoming a lead paint removal Portland contractor or employee can find information for training and requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency online.

The Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program requires that any activity disturbing an excess of six square feet of lead paint is subject to this mandate. For safety when performing lead paint removal, everything in the structure must be removed, or covered with at least two sheets of heavy plastic. This includes furniture, all appliances, dishes, toys, food, carpets, and everything visible that lead dust could fall on and contaminate. A lead safe certified contractor guarantees trained professionals who are trained and capable of handling such a sensitive job.

Having the right safety equipment is very essential to lead paint removal. Disposable coveralls are a necessity. They also wear a hair covering, shoes, goggles, and a fitted respirator that produce High Efficiency Particulate Air, and they have filters that lead fumes and dust cannot penetrate. Lead paint removal is a hazardous endeavor, and an untrained person should not attempt to get rid of lead-based paint. Lead poisoning was a common illness during the last century, and because of the removal of lead paint from older structures by trained professional, mishaps have become less likely to happen because lead paint is no longer used.

Lead Paint Removal Contractor
Hiring an EPA Certified painting contractor to remediate your home of lead paint will let you and your family breathe easier knowing that your home is safe. Sister Siding Co. is Licensed and EPA approved by the state of Oregon as a lead safe certified contractor. When dealing with a home or facility built prior to 1978, the State of Oregon requires a certified lead safe contractor. Sister Siding Co. has worked on numerous projects involving lead-based paints. In fact, OSHA has visited Sister Siding Co. lead paint job sites and been impressed with our compliance to their
rigorous safety regulations. Our lead safe certified employees are trained, protected and properly equipped with EPA/OSHA approved lead removal equipment and respirators to ensure their safety.

Sister Siding Co. is an EPA certified lead paint removal contractor in Newberg, Sherwood, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and the entire Portland metro area. Call our experts today for a free no-obligation quote.